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Get the Printing Equipment Suited for Your Needs

Receive a free consultation for any of your cutting and printing machine needs when you choose MGM Canada Inc. in St. Leonard, Quebec. We make recommendations based on your needs. All customers are welcome to come inspect the printing and cutting machines before purchase. If you are outside of Canada, we will gladly send you any pictures or more information about the machinery. All machines can be shipped via containers and truck freight. We work with inches per Canadian metrics.

Die-Cutting and Foil Equipment

Manufacture packaging that suits your clients' needs with our die-cutting machines and foil equipment. We have automatic die-cutters intended for quick turnover and manual die-cutters equipment when you need to print on thicker paper. Most makes and models are available. Contact us for a free consultation to find out which type of machine best meets your needs.

Offset Printing Equipment

Produce superior image quality with offset printing equipment from MGM Canada Inc. You have one to eight different color options and can print on industrial materials, paper, and cardboard. We offer varying sizes of offset printers. All machinery is used and in great condition ranging from the 1970s to most current 2015 models. Most equipment is sold as is. Listed below are the different brands we carry.

Heidelberg Miehle Roland Komori Mitsubishi Miller

Large Printing Machine

Plastic Printer

Paper Cutters

Produce perfectly cut paper every time for your clients with paper cutter machinery. Our paper cutting machines are used for industrial companies that do label cutting, cards, and packaging. Most of our equipment is used; however, all machines are tested for quality and still run like new. These machines are typically manufactured in Germany and the United States.

See some of the brands and models we carry below:

Schneider Paper Cutters Wohlenberg Paper Cutters  Polar Paper Cutters Polar 72 Polar 76 Polar 78 Polar 115 Polar 135 Plus More

Web Equipment

Print on the plastic with this machine. This large machine prints and makes garbage bags. You can have many type of webs printing and plastic items. This large machine requires a greater amount of warehouse space.


We carry a variety of machines that have multiple uses and capabilities. Call for more detail on the machine types in makes and models available in stock.

Sheeter Equipment | Bindery Equipment

New Equipment

Utilize the latest advancements in die-cutting equipment in your industry. We are re-sellers of brand new Yawa die-cutting and foil equipment.